Lambs & Goats

It is world famous how much Greeks love lamb and goat meat, since every time they celebrate something they skewer or bake them. Greek lambs and goats are considered to be tasteful, and their rearing is among the most dynamic sectors of Greek animal breeding.



  • Lamb Minced meat
  • Lamb neck
  • Suet Lamb
  • Whole lamb
  • Lamb leg
  • Lamb quarter
  • Lamb Chops
  • Lamb and Goats head
  • Pluck lamb
  • Rolled and stuffed Lamb
  • Pluck Lamb Rolled bowel
  • Lamb’s legs, suets and sweetbreads
  • Lamb’s Stomach and Bowel
  • Old sheep
  • Whole Goat
  • Goat’s legs
  • Goat quarter shoulder
  • Aged goat
  • French cut lamb racks
  • Deer